Good from Bad (1)

Every day bad things happen in the world. But God can use these bad things to make good things happen for His kingdom. Today and tomorrow we will look at how God brought good things from bad situations in Paul’s life.
Paul always wanted to go to Rome and share the Good News about Jesus with people there. How did Paul finally arrive in Rome? He was a prisoner! God used the bad situation of being a prisoner to bring good things to other people.
In our Bible verses today, we learn that the ship Paul was sailing on was shipwrecked. Paul and the other passengers stayed in the home of a Roman official. The official’s father was very sick, and Paul healed him. Then, “all the other sick people on the island came to Paul, and he healed them” (verse 9b).
Paul was a prisoner, but he was still able to serve God and do good. Ask God to use you today — even in the bad situations that happen to you.