Good from Bad

Recently I was looking through some old papers. I found a report that said my son had completed a speech class. He had problems speaking and was embarrassed because his classmates made fun of him. But the class really helped him, and I remember being very happy the day we received that report saying his speech problems were gone.
Now, my son is in college studying to be a lawyer. A lawyer needs to be able to speak clearly. I am so glad that my son put up with that difficult speech class. I am sure that class will help him be a good lawyer.
Our Bible verses today are about Joseph. He ended up in a strange country, far away from his home. But years later, he was able to keep his family from starving to death. Joseph told his brothers in verse 5b, “It was God’s plan for me to come here. I am here to save your life.”
God is able to bring good things from the bad times in our lives. Thank Him for His faithfulness and love.