Good from Bad (3)

Stephen was another person who faced a bad situation. Acts 6:5b describes Stephen as “a man with great faith and full of the Holy Spirit.” Acts 6:8 tells us that “Stephen received a great blessing. God gave him power to do great wonders and miraculous signs among the people.”
When Stephen preached about Jesus some Jews became very angry. These men brought Stephen to a meeting of the Jewish council. In Acts 7:1-53 we can read what Stephen said to the council. In our Bible verses today, we learn that these men were so angry with Stephen that they stoned him to death.
God brought about some very good things because of Stephen’s death. Many of the Christians in Jerusalem were afraid. So they moved to other cities. When these Christians moved to new places, they told more people about Jesus. Then those people believed in Jesus and followed Him.
Thank God today for the way He works in your life and brings good from bad.