Good from Bad (4)

Paul traveled, started churches and encouraged Christians. But as Paul traveled, he also faced many bad times.
In our Bible verses today, Paul listed some of the bad things that happened to him — beatings, shipwrecks, prison and dangerous situations. Even though Paul faced these bad things, his ministry helped many people know about Jesus.
Acts, chapter 28, tells us that Paul was taken to Rome and put in prison. That was a bad thing. But again, God brought about good things from this experience. Even though Paul was in prison, he was allowed to stay in a house. “He welcomed all the people who came and visited him. He told them about God’s kingdom and taught them about the Lord Jesus Christ. He was very bold, and no one tried to stop him from speaking” (Acts 28:30b-31).
Take time today to think about the good things that have happened in your life. Ask God to help you be bold as you tell others about Jesus.