Good News

When you were a child, do you remember a time when you were really excited about something? You couldn’t wait to tell your good news to your family. Maybe you rushed all the way home from school. You couldn’t get the front door open because you were so excited. Finally you opened the door and said, “Guess what? I have some good news!”
I am the oldest child in my family. I remember when my two sisters and my brother were born. I was so excited to tell people about my new sister or brother. If I saw a person in the grocery store, I shared my good news with them.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that Jesus traveled and told people the Good News about God’s kingdom. That was God’s message then, and it is still God’s message for us today. This news is that Jesus died for us on the cross. Through Him we can have our sins forgiven. That is Good News!
I hope you tell someone about Jesus today.