Good News

Everyone likes good news — a baby will be born, their favorite team won the championship, someone who was sick has been healed. But the very best news of all is that Jesus died on the cross so that our sins can be forgiven!

In our Bible Reading today, Paul was worried about some of the Christians in the churches in Galatia. He had shared the Good News about Jesus with them. But now other people were teaching a false message and confusing these Christians. In verse 7 Paul said, “There is no other message that is good news, but some people…want to change the Good News about Christ.”

Many people in the world today preach a false message about Jesus. This false message may sound good, but it is not based on the Bible. Be careful to only follow Jesus’ teachings. Read and study the Bible so you will know God’s true message. Pray and ask God to help you follow and obey His truth.