Good News*

In January of 1979 we decided to begin publishing Daily Devotions for the Deaf. A friend of mine doubted that we should do so much work and spend so much money. This friend asked me, “Did deaf people ask for this book?”
I remember my answer. I said, “No, deaf people did not ask for this. No one asked for Deaf Missions to start, either. We don’t do things because we’re asked. We do things because they need to be done.”
If you know a house is burning, should you wait until the people inside ask and then tell them their house is on fire? No! The fire of hell is real. If people don’t accept Jesus as Savior, they will burn in that horrible place. The wonderful Good News about Jesus is too important to wait until people ask. We need to tell them now.
We are really glad we started Daily Devotions for the Deaf. Many deaf people have told us how much it helps them. You will be glad, too, when you tell someone the Good News about Jesus.