Good or Bad?

Psalms, chapter 1, tells us about two kinds of people — good people and bad people. Bad people give evil advice and make fun of God. They are like worthless things that blow in the wind. And when it is time for God to judge the world, bad people will be found guilty.

Good people love and obey God. They do not pay attention to bad people. Good people do not become friends with bad people. Good people love God’s words and think about them all the time. Good people are like a strong tree that produces good fruit. God will bless and protect these good people.

Psalm 1:6 tells us why we should want to be good people. “The Lord shows his people how to live, but the wicked have lost their way.” Good people will live for God and receive their reward of living forever with Him. Bad people do not live for God. They will receive God’s punishment.

Good or bad? Which do you want to be? I hope that you want to be one of God’s good people. Follow God’s teachings in the Bible, love Him with all your heart and serve Him with all your strength!