Good Servant

This year my boss will give me an end-of-the-year bonus (extra money). I have worked hard this year. I learned new things about my job. I got along well with my co-workers. I helped the company grow. My boss will reward me for my hard work.
But some of my co-workers will complain. Why? Because they will not get a big bonus. Maybe they are lazy workers or they made too many mistakes. Or maybe they argued with the boss too often. Life teaches us that hard workers will be rewarded more than lazy workers.
Jesus wants us to be good servants in the church. He wants us to be hard workers. In our Bible Reading today, Jesus told a story about good servants and a bad servant. The master rewarded the good servants who worked hard. But he punished the lazy servant.
Jesus wants Christians to help the church grow. If we work hard for Jesus, He will bless us. We may not receive many rewards on earth, but we will receive eternal blessings in heaven.