Good Shepherd

In our Bible Reading today we find another name for Jesus — Good Shepherd.
When Jesus lived on earth, there were many shepherds in Israel. It was a shepherd’s job to watch and take care of a flock of sheep. The shepherd had to find good grass and water for the sheep each day. He also had to search for sheep who wandered away and take care of sick or injured sheep. Sometimes a shepherd would face wolves or lions when he was defending his sheep.
In the same way, Jesus is our Good Shepherd. He takes care of us by leading us every day. We can read His teachings in the Bible and pray and ask Him to help us. When we are sick or injured, Jesus will comfort and strengthen us. And most importantly, Jesus was willing to died for us. Jesus is the best shepherd in the world!
We need someone who will love, lead and protect us. You can depend on Jesus to be your Good Shepherd today.