Good Shepherd

When I was a child, our neighbor raised sheep. Every spring our neighbor would repair the fences so the sheep could not run away. He would also clean the ponds so the sheep would have fresh water to drink.
Our neighbor took good care of his sheep, but these sheep had some enemies. Sometimes the fences would break and a sheep would escape and run out to the road. Then a passing car would hit the sheep and kill it. Often wild animals got through the fences. These animals would kill and eat a sheep. And sometimes, nearby neighbors would steal some of the sheep.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that Jesus is our Good Shepherd. Jesus knows the people who follow Him, just like a shepherd knows the sheep in his flock. A shepherd takes care of his sheep and protects them. Jesus takes care of Christians, too. He protects us from attacks by the devil.
There are so many things in the world that can take us away from Jesus. But we need to let Jesus be our Good Shepherd. I hope that Jesus is your Shepherd today.