Good Thoughts

It is often hard for me to think good thoughts. Even when I am sitting in church, my mind sometimes begins to wander. Other times I think and think about bad times in my life.
In our Bible Reading, Paul tells us to “think about what is good and worthy of praise” (verse 8b). Then Paul goes on in that verse to add that we should think about “what is true and honorable and right and pure and beautiful and respected.” If we want to do that, we need to discipline our thoughts.
When I start to think bad thoughts, I try to remember good things that have happened in my life. I think about the many ways God has blessed me. I also like to think about the births of my five children. Those were good times that happened in my life.
When the devil tempts you to think about bad things, ask God to help you remember good things that have happened to you. Praise God for the good things He has done.