Good Words

I have a good friend. We have been friends for a long time. Both my friend and I have faced difficult situations in our lives.
My friend is wonderful! Why? Because she listens to me when I am upset or frustrated. I can tell her my problems and my feelings. And she shares her bad times and frustrations with me, too. I can tell my friend the bad things I have done, and she still loves me.
It is sad that many people today do not have a friend. They have no one to encourage and comfort them. Our Bible Reading teaches us how we can be good friends. These verses remind us that we should be wise when we listen to other people. We should also be wise and use good words when we give advice to our friends.
Maybe you can be a friend to someone today. Ask God to give you wisdom to encourage a friend who is sad or lonely. If you already have a good friend, thank God for giving you a friend who will help you live for Jesus.