Good Words/Signs

Mike was from a Christian family. When he grew up, he went into the military. Soon Mike stopped serving and obeying God.
When Mike left the military, he went home. A woman invited him to a special meeting at his home church. At that meeting, Mike decided that he needed to be close to God again. He promised God that he would start serving Him every day of his life.
One Sunday in church, a lady looked at Mike’s long hair and said very loudly, “I wish I had a pair of scissors so I could cut his hair!” Mike laughed about the woman’s comment. But some people would not have laughed. They would have been hurt by the woman’s words.
Our Bible Reading today reminds us that we should be very careful with our words and signs. We should not say/sign things that might cause another person to be hurt. God wants our communication to bring honor to Him. Ask God to help you use good words and signs today.