Good Words/Signs

Almost every place we go today we hear and see bad language. We hear it and see it (through closed captioning) on television. People we see each day at work or at the mall use God’s name in a bad way. I am upset when people use this kind of language. But often these words/signs sneak into our conversations.
I become upset when other people use bad words or lie. God wants us to use good words/signs. He wants us to tell the truth. God wants us to always respect His name. The Bible tells us many times that Christians should control their language.
Maybe you have a problem with your language. It is difficult to be around people every day who swear and use God’s name in a bad way. God will give you the strength to keep your language pure. Search the Bible and read verses that remind you to use good words and signs. Ask God to help you overcome this problem in your life.