. . .Goodness

Galatians, chapter 5, tells us that the next thing the Spirit gives is goodness. Sometimes on a TV program we see a child who wants to do what is good and right. Other children try to encourage that child to do what is wrong. They call the good child bad names and tease him. We feel sorry for that child. But God wants us to act like this child. God wants us to hate the bad things in the world and do what is good and right.
Job was a man who was full of goodness. Our Bible Reading says that he was a good, faithful man. Job worshiped God and refused to do evil things. God allowed the devil to do terrible things to Job — he lost his children, his home and his possessions. But Job still followed God. Later God blessed Job with much more than he had before.
Today we need to be like Job. We should hate the evil things around us. We should protect things that are right and good. People may do bad things to us, but God will take care of us. God took care of Job and blessed him for his goodness. God will bless and take care of you, too.