Grace: Manasseh

Manasseh was a king of Judah. Our Bible Reading tells us that he was more evil than all the kings who were before him. Manasseh worshiped idols, and he killed God’s prophets. Manasseh even sacrificed his own children to idols! The terrible things he did made God very angry.
The king of Babylon captured Manasseh and threw him in prison. When Manasseh was in prison, he finally became sorry for all the evil things he had done. Manasseh begged God to forgive him, and God forgave Manasseh.
Even though Manasseh had done terrible things, God forgave him. No matter how bad your sins are, God can forgive you. If you are truly sorry for your sins, change your heart and mind, and accept God’s grace through Jesus, God will forgive you.
Manasseh stopped doing evil things and obeyed God. God’s grace changed Manasseh’s life. God can change your life, too.