Grace Through Jesus

God forgives our sins through His grace. God gave His grace to us by sending Jesus. John 1:17-18a says, “…but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. The only Son is who has shown us what God is like.”
All people have sinned, and because we sin, we must be punished. The punishment for our sins is death and separation from God. The only way we can be saved from the punishment is for a person with no sins to be punished in place of us. That person is Jesus! He accepted the punishment for us. Romans 6:3-7 tells us how we can make Jesus our Savior and connect our life with Him through baptism. When we follow and obey Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we receive God’s grace and forgiveness for our sins.
If we could do anything to save ourselves from the punishment for our sins, then God did not need to send Jesus. Following and obeying Jesus is the ONLY way we can receive God’s grace.