Great Reward

In today’s Bible Reading, Jesus talked about a wonderful promise God made. God has promised to give His children a great reward.
What do we need to do so we can receive this great reward? First, we need to be sorry for our sins. Then we need to follow and obey Jesus as our Savior. Finally, we must experience suffering. Jesus had to suffer while He was here on earth. People mocked Jesus and hit Him. Then they crucified Him on a cross. Jesus truly suffered for us.
Now it is our turn. We must suffer for Jesus. Jesus said in verses 11-12a, “People will say bad things against you and hurt you. They will lie and say all kinds of evil things against you because you follow me. But when people do those things to you, know that God will bless you…You have a great reward waiting for you in heaven.”
The next time someone does something bad to you because you follow Jesus, remember the great reward that God will give you!