Recently I watched a TV show about great people in the 20th century. Viewers could vote for the person they thought was the greatest. People voted for presidents, scientists, military leaders, musicians and religious leaders.
Who do you think is the greatest person who has ever lived? In verse 11b of our Bible Reading today, Jesus said that “John the Baptizer is greater than any man that has ever lived.” Why was John so special? He didn’t live in a popular place – he lived in the desert (Matthew 3:1). John didn’t wear fancy clothes or eat expensive foods (Matthew 3:4). And John did not use gentle words when he talked about the religious leaders (Matthew 3:7-10). John was special because he was completely dedicated to God. John prepared the people to accept Jesus as God’s Son.
I hope you are like John the Baptizer. I hope you are completely dedicated to God. If not, study the Bible to learn how you can serve and obey God with all your heart.