Growing Old

Many people today think that old age is something to avoid. I look in the mirror, and I see that I am aging. My hair is thinning and turning gray. I have wrinkles, too. Advertisers on TV and the Internet want me to buy products that they say will make me look and feel younger. But I know that I cannot make myself any younger.

In our Bible Reading today, the writer of Psalm 71 shares a reason why some people are afraid to grow old. “Don’t throw me away just because I am old. Don’t leave me as I lose my strength” (verse 9). Many older people are afraid of not being wanted any more.

The devil wants me to believe that God cannot use me when I am old. I may not be as strong or as beautiful as I was when I was young, but I can still work for God. Even if I become physically disabled, I can still be a prayer warrior.

No matter how old you are, God has a job for you. Look for areas of service where God can use you.