Guide Dogs (1)

For the next few days I will share with you a little about guide dogs. I am blind, and I have had three guide dogs. Each dog was very different from the others.
My first dog did not like cold weather or getting wet when it rained. My second dog loved to run. She also liked to spend time in the house chewing on her toy bone. My present dog does not mind cats and loves the snow.
Even though my dogs have all been different, I formed a strong relationship with each dog. That is very important with guide dogs. I need to feel comfortable with my dog and trust him to guide me correctly and safely.
When I am walking with my dog, I need him to always be with me. In the same way, I need God to always be with me. I need Him to guide and help me through problems in life. Our Bible Reading reminds us that my help comes from God, who is my Protector.
I am never alone. I can always depend on God. I hope you will rely on Him today, too.