Guide Dogs (2)

Today I will tell you about my second guide dog. Her name was Libby. She was a beautiful brown and black German shepherd.
Libby always became excited when I put on her harness so we could go for a walk. She was so happy while she was working. Libby would walk down the street with a proud strut.
Most of the time Libby was a good guide dog, but she was not perfect. She was easily distracted by squirrels and cats. Sometimes Libby would want to follow after a squirrel or a cat instead of guiding me. Then I would become confused with my directions.
Libby reminds me of our Christian lives. We may try to do what is right, but we become distracted by temptations. We need to remember that God will help us avoid these temptations and keep us on the right path.
Our Bible Reading talks about God’s Word, the Bible. If we study the Bible, we can learn how to turn away from the devil’s distractions. Be sure to study God’s Word today.