Guide Dogs (4)

A dog must go through a lot of training to become a guide dog. Trainers at the guide dog school spend months teaching the dogs how to guide a blind person. Not all dogs can become a guide dog. The dogs who become guides are very special dogs.
After the dogs are trained, the blind people come to the school. Then the people are trained with the dogs. It takes several weeks of hard work to learn how to work with a guide dog. Then the blind people need to keep working with their dogs after they go home.
This reminds me of being a Christian. First, we need to learn about God and what He wants us to do. We can do that by studying the Bible. Our Bible Reading today tells us that the teachings in the Bible are true and that we can trust them. Second, we need to continue to follow the teachings in the Bible so we can stay close to God.
God wants you to read His Word and be faithful to Him today.