Guide Dogs (5)

Some dogs like to play “fetch.” The dog I have now does not like to play fetch. He will go after his toy when I throw it. But then he stops. Probably he is bored or he thinks it is a silly game. If my dog could talk, maybe he would say, “Why do you keep throwing the toy and then expecting me to bring it back to you?”
We do something like “fetch” when we worry. We take our worries to God and ask Him to help us. But then we don’t let God take care of our worries. Instead, we take back our problems and start worrying again.
Our Bible verses today are words that Jesus spoke. He said that plants and animals do not worry. Why? Because God takes care of them. Then Jesus said that we are more valuable to God than plants and animals. So God will take care of us, too.
Don’t play “fetch” with your worries. Give them to God and leave them with Him. He will take care of you.