Guide Dogs (6)

My first guide dog was a black Labrador retriever. His name was Patrick, but I called him Patty. He was a very nice dog, and he had a shiny black coat.
Patrick was a good guide dog. One time he saved me from being hit by a car. But Patrick developed an eye disease so he couldn’t be used as a guide dog any more.
One thing I remember about Patrick is that he was very afraid of thunderstorms. During storms, he would shake all over and pace the floor. Often I would play music to keep Patrick calm. I would pat him on the head and tell him that he would be okay.
Our Bible Reading tells us about a time when Jesus’ disciples were afraid. They were in a boat on the lake. Jesus decided to walk on the water to them. But the disciples did not know it was Jesus. They were terrified. Then Jesus told them to not be afraid.
Maybe you will be afraid today. Remember that God will comfort you and keep you safe.