Guide Dogs (7)

My guide dog is good at taking me where I want to go. He stops when we come to streets and turns corners when it is time to turn. I like walking with him because he makes me feel safe.
When we have finished our walk and are close to home, I say to my dog, “Go home!” Then he will continue walking until we are in front of our house, turn into the driveway and walk up the steps to the front door. Then we are safely home.
Our Bible Reading tells us that Jesus is preparing a place for us. We will live in this special place with God and Jesus forever. It will be our new home. Jesus wants us to live with Him forever. And He tells us that He is the only way we can receive eternal life.
If we follow Jesus’ teachings from the Bible, we can know how to be safe at home with Him. Let Jesus guide you safely to your new eternal home.