Habakkuk (2)

When families come together to share a special meal, they often talk about what has happened in their lives recently — their children’s accomplishments, problems they are facing and family members who have died.
It is also good for families to thank God for the ways He has blessed them and to ask Him to help them in the future. That’s what Habakkuk did in our Bible Reading. In verse 2b he prayed, “Lord, I am amazed at the powerful things that you did in the past. Now I pray that you will do great things in our time.”
It is always good for us to remember how God has answered our prayers in the past. Often God does not answer our prayers the way we want. But we should still be thankful. Habakkuk ends his prayer in verses 17- 18a by saying, “Food might not grow in the fields. There might not be any sheep in the pens. There might not be any cattle in the barns. But I will still be glad in the Lord.”
No matter what happens today, give thanks to God and remember that He will always take care of you.