Haggai (1)

The temple in Jerusalem had been destroyed. But God’s people were busy building their own beautiful homes. They were not interested in the temple.
In our Bible Reading today, God gave His prophet, Haggai, a message. In verse 3b God said, “You live in houses with beautiful wood paneling on the walls. But the Lord’s house is still in ruins!” Then God reminded the people that they were not being successful. Why? Because they had not rebuilt the temple.
In verse 5b God said, “Think about what is happening!” That is what I should do. I should think about what is happening in my life. Then I should remember to always put God first in my life. My first priority should be to love and serve God. When I start each day by reading the Bible and talking with God, I am better prepared to face problems that will happen during the day.
What is most important in your life today? I hope that loving and serving God are the most important things to you.