Haggai (3)

Yesterday I talked about my mission trip. When we arrived at our destination, we started working with the people in the churches. But God did not seem to be blessing our work. Not many people responded to the Gospel.
So we decided to go into the schools and homes and tell the people about Jesus. These people were so excited! They loved learning about Jesus, and many became Christians. Some of these people had been worshiping idols, but they stopped when they learned about Jesus.
In our Bible Reading for today, God reminded His people that He had stopped blessing them. Why? Because they were not building the temple. But after the people started building the temple, God said (verses 18b-19), “So notice what happens from this day forward…starting today, I will bless you!”
When my mission group was doing what God wanted us to do, He blessed us. God will bless you today if you follow and trust Him.