With the next plague, God said that He would use His full power against Pharaoh, his officials and his people. God wanted the Egyptians to know that there was no other god like Him. God sent a plague of hail, with lightning and thunder.

God warned the Egyptians about this plague and told them to put their animals in safe places. Some Egyptians paid attention, but others ignored the warning and lost everything. Exodus 9:24-25 tells us about this terrible plague. “The hail was falling, and lightning was flashing all through it. It was the worst hailstorm that had ever hit Egypt since it had become a nation. The storm destroyed everything in the fields in Egypt. The hail destroyed people, animals, and plants. The hail also broke all the trees in the field.”

I have seen places that have been hit by hailstorms. Roofs, siding and windows of buildings were destroyed, cornstalks were cut in half and plants and trees were completely stripped of their leaves. This hailstorm was a terrible event for the nation of Egypt.

This time Pharaoh told Moses that he had sinned and that God was right. But when Pharaoh saw that the hail stopped, he became stubborn again. I hope you will not be stubborn with God today. Obey Him and follow His Word.