Hail is formed when moisture is combined with strong rising wind currents. Small hailstones may not cause any damage at all. But golf-ball-sized hail can break every window in a town or destroy an entire crop.

God’s people, the Israelites, were slaves in Egypt. The Egyptian king refused to free the Israelites. So God sent ten terrible events on the people of Egypt. One of those events was a hailstorm.

God sent His messenger, Moses, to tell the king about the hailstorm. Moses told the king that this terrible storm would show the Egyptians God’s great power. In Exodus 9:18, God told Moses what would happen. “So at this time tomorrow, I will cause a very bad hailstorm. There has never been a hailstorm like this in Egypt, not since Egypt became a nation.” The hailstorm happened just as God told Moses. The storm destroyed people, animals and plants in Egypt.

We can always depend on God’s Word. When He says that something will happen, it will happen! God said that He would send a hailstorm, and the hailstorm happened. God has also said that Jesus will come again someday. We can know for sure that God will send Jesus to take His followers to live with Him forever.