Hairs on My Head

Recently I heard a man talk on the radio. He had just moved his family from the east coast to the west coast. This man was busy enrolling his daughter in a new school. He had to have his daughter’s birth certificate, past school records and her current medical records. The man said, “I had to prove to the new school that my daughter really exists.”
The man went on to talk about heaven. He said, “Isn’t it nice to know that when we get to heaven, we won’t have to prove to God that we exist? He already knows each one of us by name!” I agree with that man. It is wonderful to know that God loves me and knows my name.
In our Bible Reading today, we learn that God knows all about us. Verse 10 says, “God even knows how many hairs are on your head.” Wow!
God loves you and knows all about you. He doesn’t want you to worry about anything today. God just wants you to depend on Him to take care of you.