Hannah (1)

Hannah was an amazing woman. She wanted to have children, but she did not have any. Her husband?s other wife made fun of her because she could not have any children.
Hannah was sad and hurt, but she did not react in anger. Instead, she prayed to God. Verse 11b of our Bible Reading says, ?Lord, All-Powerful, see how sad I am. Remember me! Don?t forget me. If you will give me a son, then I will give him to you.? Hannah prayed and made a promise to God. She told God how she felt. Hannah trusted God to answer her prayer.
Sometimes we have physical or emotional problems. We pray and ask God to help us. But it is so hard to wait for God?s answers to our prayers. But we need to remember that God will answer our prayers and bring good things from our bad experiences.
Hannah trusted God to help her when she was facing bad times. God will help you, too.