Hannah (2)

Hannah is a good example for every Christian. She was upset and sad, but she didn?t blame other people. And she didn?t blame God. Hannah just asked God to bless her with a son.
Eli, the priest, was watching Hannah pray. Verse 13 of our Bible Reading tells us that ?Hannah was praying in her heart. Her lips were moving, but she did not say the words out loud. So Eli thought Hannah was drunk.? Hannah explained to Eli that she was upset and that she was telling her troubles to God. Eli answered her, ?Go in peace. May the God of Israel give you the things you asked? (verse 17).
Hannah went home and patiently waited for God to answer her prayer. We should be like Hannah. When we face troubles, we should pray about them. Then we should wait patiently for God to give us an answer.
Pray about your troubles today. Then wait patiently for God to give you an answer.