Hannah’s Prayer

In our Bible verses, we read that Hannah was very sad. Why? Because she had no children. But Hannah loved God and prayed to Him.

When Hannah and her family went to the Lord’s house, she prayed again and asked God for a son. She said to God, “If you will give me a son, I will give him to you. He will be yours his whole life” (verse 11b). Eli, the priest, watched Hannah as she prayed. Hannah told Eli that she was praying to God. Eli said, “Go in peace. May the God of Israel give you what you asked for” (verse 17).

God answered Hannah’s prayer and gave her a son. She named him Samuel. Hannah remembered her promise to God. When Samuel was older, she took him to the Lord’s house to serve there.

In 1 Samuel, chapter 2, Hannah praised God and thanked Him for answering her prayer. That is a good example for us to follow. Praise God and thank Him today for the way He has answered your prayers.