Missing AttachmentOur Bible Reading today is a psalm (song) that was probably written for King David. This psalm writer says that the king is happy. Why? Because God answered his prayers. God gave the king what he wanted – a gold crown on his head, a long life and victory over his enemies. Now the writer is thanking God and praising Him.
Verse 7 says, “The king trusts the Lord. God Most-High will not disappoint him.” When David became king, God promised to be with him. God said that He would help David if David would obey and follow Him. David trusted God and knew that God would keep His promises. When God helped David defeat an enemy, the people of Israel could see God’s power.
Many times I pray for something and God gives me what I want. I can see that God is working in my life. But often I forget to thank Him. I am happy that God continues to help me grow and be like Jesus.
Think about ways that God has taken care of you. Show your happiness by thanking God and praising Him today.