Happy and Sad

I was fairly old before I finally got married. Right after I got married, I was laid off my job. Then we waited five years before we could have children. But God gave us twin daughters. Then a few days after we brought them home from the hospital, I found out that a close relative had cancer.
I have had both happy times and sad times in my life. In our Bible Reading today, some of Jesus’ disciples experienced the same thing. First, Jesus appeared with Moses and Elijah on the mountain. That must have been a happy time for these disciples. Then right after they came down from the mountain, they tried to heal a boy. But the disciples were not able to heal him. That must have been a sad time for them.
Whether we are facing happy times or sad times, we need to depend on God’s promises and His faithfulness. Rely on God’s Holy Spirit to guide and help you through problems you will face today.