Happy Times (2)

The Israelites disobeyed God. So He punished them by allowing other countries to attack Israel and take the Israelites away from their country.

Many years later, the Israelites were able to return to their homeland. But the wall around Jerusalem had been destroyed. Nehemiah worked with the Israelites to rebuild the wall. When the wall was finished, Ezra, the priest, called the Israelites together.

Ezra read the Book of the Law of Moses to the people. “All the people listened carefully and paid attention to the Book of the Law” (verse 3b). Do you know what the Israelites did next? They had a party! The Israelites “were happy that they could hear the reading of God’s law and were now able to understand it” (verse 12b).

The Israelites were happy to read God’s Word again. Thank God today for His Word. Then take time to read it and learn more about Him.