Happy Times (6)

Luke, chapter 15, tells us about lost things. In our Bible verses for today, we read a story about a woman who had ten coins. Then she lost one coin.

We don’t know what kind of coins these were and if they were valuable. But they must have been valuable to this woman. She worked hard to clean her house and find the lost coin. And then she called her friends and neighbors. She told them (verse 9b), “Be happy with me because I have found the coin that I lost!”

It is wonderful that this woman found her lost coin. But Jesus tells us what is even more wonderful. In verse 10, He said, “In the same way, it’s a happy time for the angels of God when one sinner decides to change.”

People who do not follow Jesus are lost. They need to learn about Jesus and obey Him. And we should be like the angels. We should be happy when someone decides to follow Jesus.