Hard Hearts

I knew a man named Bud who worked hard on his farm. His hands became rough and calloused because of the work he did. But although Bud?s hands were hardened, his heart was soft. He was always willing to let God use him as a servant.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus told a story to teach a lesson. Jesus talked about people who did many good things, but their hearts were hard. These people thought that they were better than other people. They did not love other people.
It is okay if we have hands that are hardened because of work. But we should not have hard hearts. We should be like the second man in Jesus? story. That man was very humble. Jesus said that man was right with God.
Think about your life today. I hope that you have a soft heart like Bud. And I hope that you are willing to let God use you to serve Him every day.