Hard Times

Recently I experienced the worst week of my life. On Monday, my friend became very sick. Tuesday, my boyfriend was driving his truck and accidentally hit a boy on a bicycle. Wednesday, my best friend and I argued. On Thursday, the boy died who had been hit by my boyfriend’s truck. Friday, my sick friend had to go to the hospital. And on Saturday, my boyfriend’s grandfather was admitted to the hospital.
Before all these bad things happened, I had stopped praying to God. But when these things happened, I realized that God was telling me, “Pay attention to me! You can’t face all these hard times alone. You need me to help you.” On that Saturday night, I started praying again.
In our Bible Reading today, Job faced hard times. But Job prayed and God helped him. If you are facing hard times today, don’t forget that God loves you. He wants to help you face your problems.