Harvest Workers

It is awesome to look at a field of grain that is ripe and ready to harvest. Years ago, a field would be filled with workers harvesting the grain by hand. Today farmers use large modern machinery to gather the grain.

In our Bible verses, Jesus talked about “a big harvest of people to bring in” (verse 37b). What was Jesus talking about? He was talking about people in the world who need to learn about Jesus and follow Him.

Who are the workers in the harvest? We are the workers who should tell other people about Jesus. We have a big job to do. There are many people in the world who do not know about God’s wonderful gift of salvation.

You can go to a foreign mission field to find people who need to know about Jesus. Or you can share with people you meet today — your co-workers, people you meet in the grocery store or people in your neighborhood. God can use you to be a good worker in His harvest.