Hatred and Anger

I personally know about hating people, things and God. And I know how hard it is to stop hating. Several years ago, my grandfather, who was also my mentor, died. I faced many family and school problems. During this time I lost a lot of weight and started doing sinful things. For eight months, I didn’t read the Bible or go to church. I became angry when I thought about God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit.
Sometimes I was filled with so much hatred that I punched holes in the walls. Finally, my friends made a video of me when I was angry. As I watched that video, I knew that I had to decide to follow God or to follow the devil.
In our Bible verses today, Paul tells us how we should live. He mentions anger, lies and doing other bad things. Then he says, “Don’t give the devil a way to defeat you” (verse 27).
Decide today to remove the hatred and anger from your life. God will help you, and He will fill you with His kindness and love.