Have Faith

Have you ever seen the wind? Have you ever seen the force that attracts metal to a magnet? Have you ever seen gravity that holds us on the earth? No, of course you have never seen those things.
We have not seen these things, but we know they are real. We believe they are real because we see the effects they have on us. We see the wind blowing the leaves on the trees. We feel the pull of the metal toward the magnet. We see ourselves standing on the ground, not floating in the air.
In verse 46 of our Bible Reading, Jesus said, “I don’t mean that there is anyone who has seen the Father. The only one who has ever seen the Father is the one who came from God. He has seen the Father.” We can’t see God, but we know He is real because we can see how He affects us and the things around us. We see order in nature. We see God’s detailed plan for the universe. And, we see God change people’s lives.
We can’t see God, but we can have faith that He is real, that He created us, and that He loves us.