Have Faith in God

It is exciting when a circus comes to town. People like to watch the tamers snap their whips as they control the lions and tigers. The clowns make them laugh. And the tightrope walkers and trapeze artists sometimes cause people to scream in fright!
When I was a teenager, I saw a performance of the “Flying Wallendas” with my girlfriend. We sat up front and watched them swing from one trapeze bar to another. These people had faith that they would catch each other in mid-air. They also had faith in the big safety net below.
In verse 22 of our Bible Reading today, Jesus made a simple statement: “Have faith in God.” Then He continued to say, “So I tell you to ask for what you want in prayer” (verse 24a).
Trapeze artists depend on each other so they will not fall. We need to depend on God. He will pay attention to our prayers and show us how we can follow Him every day.