Having Faith

I wanted to learn more about God and the Bible and how I could serve Him. So I decided to move to Iowa and be a part of the Deaf Missions International Bible Training Center (IBTC). But I had a problem — I didn’t have enough money to move or pay my living expenses as well as tuition and school supplies.
Our Bible verses today tell us about men like Abraham and Noah who had great faith in God. They believed in God, and He blessed them. I read these verses and decided that I would depend on God to help me become part of the IBTC program.
God showed me that He is in control of my life. I trusted Him, and soon I was able to move to Iowa and enter the training program. I continue to depend on God to help me every day with my finances.
Maybe you need to trust God today to help you with a problem or show you what He wants you to do. Have faith in God — He will never let you down!