Head (3)

In Bible times, a person’s eyes were considered very important parts of the body. People were careful to protect their eyes. In Psalm 17:8 the writer says to God, “Protect me like the pupil of your eye. Hide me in the shadow of your wings.”

The Bible also talks about eyes to describe understanding God’s Word. When someone prayed that God would open his eyes, he was praying that God would help him understand His Word.

Verse 34 of our Bible Reading talks about the eye. “The only source of light for the body is the eye. When you look at people and want to help them, you are full of light. But when you look at people in a selfish way, you are full of darkness.” This verse tells us that a person who focuses on good things is full of light. But a person who wants to do what is bad is full of darkness.

Keep your eyes full of light today by studying God’s Word and doing things that honor and please Him.