Once a month, my church invites people who are sick to come forward. Then we pray for them and ask God to heal them. Sometimes God works through modern medicine to heal people. But other times, people are only healed through prayer.
The writer of Psalm 6 was “sick and weak” (verse 2b). He said to God, “Heal me! My bones are shaking. My whole body is shaking” (verses 2b-3a). The writer prayed and asked God to heal him. When healing comes through our prayers, it is a special gift from God.
When God heals someone, He can heal them physically, mentally and spiritually. When we pray and ask God to heal us, our faith is strengthened and we learn that our physical bodies will not last forever. That makes us depend on God even more.
Do you need God’s healing today? Pray to Him, confess your sins and then ask Him to do what is best for you.