Hearing (2)

Sometimes I wish I had more faith. Then I think about today’s Bible Reading. Verse 17a says, “So faith comes from hearing the Good News.” So I can have more faith by hearing the Good News. But some people are deaf. How can they have faith if they cannot “hear” the Good News?
Our Bible verses are not talking about hearing with our physical ears. Instead, they are talking about reading God’s Word and paying attention to it.
Sometimes we are confused and don’t understand what is happening to us. But if we read the Bible, we can learn that God knows about our problems. We can also learn that God has a plan for our lives and that He wants to make good things happen to us. Then we can feel better. Why? Because we know God is speaking to us through His Word.
Do you need more faith? Read the Bible. Let God speak to you through the Bible verses you read.